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March 12, 2009

Angry Conversations with God

    Its really funny. .... spirituality, that is. I mean on one hand you have the God of love, who killed many of people and Jesus who was down with riding on a donkey calling himself the king?! Really? Really. If anything truthful can be made into a joke it's that... and I think Susan Isaacs did just that, in the most real way possible with her book "Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir" Susan tells us her story, not just her happy story with God, that's the cliche christian thing to do, but her whole story, the parts where she was like, what the flipity-flip God?! Which really makes a story anyone can read... not just people who believe in this donkey riding king.
    If you want to meet Hippy Jesus, The Angry Father and Rudy among many equally interesting characters then I think you should go pick up Susan's book, your in for a snark filled, borderline blasphemous but in the end faith affirming good read! If you don't like snark and a down and dirty story about one womans dealing with god... get the book anyway and get over your dislike of snark.

Oh yeah... want to win the book? I'm holding this little contest here...
What do you have to do to win? Just describe your Jesus' personality. Is he more like a hippy? Buddy Christ? Mr Rogers? What does a conversation look like with him? Snark? No Snark. Sarcastic? The laid back hippy? Be creative.

Sorry the limit is 5 books so the best answers win, just leave em' in the comments. The Deadline is March 22nd at 11:59pm est.

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  1. I believe Jesus was a great story teller, but also a great listener. I believe he probably listened to many more stories than he ever told; and that he told more stories than we (his creation) will ever be blessed to hear until the day that we can meet him face to face. He was a man just like anyone and worked hard each day; and when he was old enough and learned enough from his own conversations with God his father he reached the point at which he could pour himself out. I believe he was the life of the party at times; the happiest face in the room; but I also believe he felt a great sorrow; a great sorrow for everyone he met. He knew that everyone around him carried sin around their very own neck; a burden he knew would one day be his and only his to carry. His life is so bitter sweet; I believe he had to be a comedian when he wasn't telling parables and crying tears of blood. He; our only advocate; considered himself equal to us when he was on earth. He faced every day the same temptations that even today we face; I believe he shrugged these things off with a laugh and a slyly honest and holy comment. He saw everyone the same and no one greater than another. He knew that money was nothing but an illusion, he was a drifter, he knew where his home was but lived like a homeless person; but because of the great works he would do he was provided for. If he truly was tempted in all ways; he is the most well rounded individual in the history of the world. I believe he had the appearance of someone very simple; very plain. In his orations I figure he must have used a candid format and spoke to everyone as if he had known them all his life; because he has. Jesus Christ the greatest story teller who ever lived. To talk to him would be to talk to the very essence of your own self; pure; uninhibited. He would probably want you to bring whatever talent you had to him; he'd want to sing along if you brought a guitar; he would know all the words. He would teach you new songs; teach you new stories; and add to your very talents.