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December 23, 2009

I think too much about little things, I should have been a Philosophy Major

My grandmother made two ceramic nativity scenes years ago. My mother and her sister absolutely love each of them, so they swap them every couple of years, this year it was my mothers turn for the larger scaled one. As she is unpacking the pieces, as the last piece is unwrapped and placed in its respectful place within the scene, she lets out a little laugh... baby Jesus is missing.

That spoke worlds to me. It speaks worlds about the modern view of Christmas and Jesus.

There now lies a Fisher Price red overall wearing dollhouse toddler in the manger. It is kind of comical in retrospect; but because I think too much... it meant so much more than "whoops" to me.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm I like this. I think maybe it could be bad the baby Jesus was missing, like the modern view of "Xmas." Gifts, commercialism, blah-blah, Leaving "Christ" out of Christmas. Or....
    You could look at it this way...
    Christ doesn't need to be in the manger any longer He served His purpose! Easter is more important I wish we made more of a big deal out of Easter. Yeah I think a lot too!