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January 23, 2010

I need your help! Well you, me and your friend!

**illustration by Steve from spotillustration.com
the idea; Everyone has that one quote that a friend said to them.  Some are life changing, some are quirky and some are down right non sensical!

what i want; I want to see that quote... and that friend! I have this project that involves all of you!  I want you to email me ( michael . meulstee [at] gmail.com ) the quote and your favorite picture of that person (if you don't have one of the person, one of yourself will work also.)
The picture doesn't have to be the best quality, or even a good picture.  Just your favorite picture of them! If you want you can write something about this person or a back story of the quote or whatever you want that will help flesh out the quote.

what ill do; I'm then going to do a painting (most likely watercolor) of the photos you all send in, scan the paintings into the computer and through creative typography place the quote in the picture some how (this will all depend on the picture and the quote.)

what will eventually happen; I will submit this, once finished, to a print on demand printing company (ie, lulu or blurb) which then you, your friends and the whole world can buy a copy for yourself, I will be keeping the cost pretty cheap.

what you get; you get the original painting to keep or to give as a gift.

Please let everyone you know about this project, I'm looking to start soon!  I'm looking for about 15-30 portraits and quotes. I would love to get photos and quotes from people I do not know! It would be awesome!

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