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February 5, 2010

Larger than life?

So they always say that childhood memories of places and things are often skewed in or mind.  We usually remember the items or places much bigger than that actually were.  I can understand that.  We were smaller. Physically.

What confuses me is how skewed something can get when we go from looking at it in person to looking at it on the screen. 

I've been recently looking at art blogs (regret saying this) anyway, I was looking at some old classmates blogs and of course they have links to other peoples blogs, as they should, so I follow a few links ,adn I noticed that upon viewing these paintings, prints and collages, a lot of them seemed to either, in my head, be much bigger or much smaller than they actually were.  Sure the image on the screen was only 3" x 5", I knew this, but in my head I either made them much smaller or much larger.  Never imagining them even remotely close to the right size.  Why?  I wish I knew the psychological reasoning why something seems to be much bigger or much smaller than they actually are?  Just a randome thought.

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