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February 24, 2011

I do think a girl in glasses is cute!

[found @ Shmitten' Kitten via I'm Not A Genius]
I also hate that I'm feeding into the "hipster" trend...

February 22, 2011

projectLOVE: Kristina

What is projectLOVE: Kristina? Well its fully explained right here; but the quick run down is, Rogie made an awesome site called dribbble.com; which is a place for designers to show little (no bigger than 400x300px) snippets of what they're working on.  But last night his sisters house burned down, completely and now they're homeless, essentially, so in order to raise money, he asked the community to make a little ditty for her and help spread the word about helping out with a little donation, if you can.  If not, go here and look at all the awesome projects (or rebounds, as the site calls them) people have made!

February 21, 2011

"Lord..." (reposted)

It's amazing how over two years ago I wrote this prayer and it still rings true to this very day. This was originally written (published 10.29.09) for a friend's online magazine, it has since gone under but remains online as to not break links or lose the articles written for it.
(I found my prayer on a community on livejournal, I had no clue that it was found let alone posted. Its amazing how God can use our words to help people that we may never know)

February 17, 2011

your image is not done when you're done drawing it.
Your image is done when people see it.

February 15, 2011

Oh youtube...

I normally don't get caught up on youtube... click, watch, laugh, click watch, laugh; doesn't happen, but this one made me laugh, and so did the other 10 videos I watched after this one.

(found via steve lutz)

here are some others that made me crack up; "Greetings: Don't Be this Guy","PB & J All Day" and "How To Plant a Church"

February 13, 2011

the undead love too!

Each year people give candy, cards and flowers as ways to show that they love their boo (whatever that means) and that they have their "heart" but I think the zombies have it right!

If you're like a great majority of people, you haven't bought your significant others card yet, so print this out and voila! One of a kinda card (unless your s.o. did the same thing! Whoops!)

Oh yeah... if you're single and you don't have a significant other to give one of my epic drawings too tomorrow, just click the link and commiserate with the little fellow (you'll see what I mean!

oh crud...

So... I installed the fancy new (atleast new to me) commenting system disqus, and it apparently hides all of my old blog comments :( I'm trying to figure out how to add them back, I promise I'm not moderating comments!

February 11, 2011

thankfulTHURSDAY #2

   With being unemployed and being sequestered from my friends for about two years now, I have to admit that, its hard for me to remember that I do have things to be thankful for; its easy to lament on how i haven't had any constant source of income, that I haven't had time with friends in months (this is a side effect of no income, it takes money to go see them) or that I'm not exactly happy to be living where I am. In reality I do have things to be thankful for.  While last week I didn't post this week I am going to (even though its technically not thursday anymore.)

001. That I'm fortunate enough to be sitting on a couch, in a heated house, with electricity to type on this computer.

002. Thankful for the weird, semi accepting community that I live in, they all humor me and talk to me when I'm there to watch my little brothers sports games, or when we run into each other when I pop into Wawa

003. I got to goto my first real ice hockey game this past week! Sure it wasn't an NHL game, but it was with their minors (a half of step below the big league)

004. My knee left knee is back to normal completely (i guess my right one is the slower more retarded one... he takes after me!)

005. I got a new client this week and he loved the first round of logos I designed for him.

006. My friends meg and cat who are pretty much always there for me to show a design and they will tell me which parts suck, or which parts are good and sometimes that i should ust start over again!

007. I finally beat the game "Saints Row" and I'm now onto "Saints Row II"

008. My aunt and cousin(and he now fiance) they let me come up and escape to their house and work with them to get my out of the terrible state of Jersey. Its always a good time when I'm with them.

009. I'm thankful for my friend Amy ("met" her through twitter!) for offering to send me some of her text books on Psychology and such, even if I can't afford to goto school who says I can't read about what I wish I could goto school for?!

010. the family ordered pizza for dinner tonight... I know this sounds silly but I haven't had the money to order pizza in a while and I've REALLY been wanting some unhealthy, greasy, amazing pizza recently. Its strange, I don't know why, but... I have been.

Now, I leave you with two pictures that I'm stealing from tumblr...
sometimes i really think the burbs' are...
I live on a freakin island... I forget this people!

February 7, 2011

mmmmm cheese.

Today was the day that everyone who owns a TV waits for... Super Bowl Sunday. Oh? Whats that? You don't like football, I know. I was accounting for you too with... commercials. This is the one televised sporting event that people dont frantically sprint from the tv, during a commercial break to grab another beer, a slice of pizza or to pee because as interested (or disinterested) in the game everyone look forward to the commercials during the game! Advertisers know this, as does the NFL and in this case FOX broadcasting.

For a 30 second spot, advertisers were paying a whopping $2.9million!! And thats just for the air time, not the budget of the commercial itself (which for a super bowl commercial is usually thousands, hundreds of thousands.) Why though? Is a commercial only good (and memorable) if you can throw tons and tons of money at a production crew? um... negative.

Take a look at this commercial and tell me you don't think this is one you will be telling people about?!

see, now didnt that gross you out strike you as memorable? I know it did me, for the sheer fact of how awkward and, frankly, gross it was. But hey, most importantly, next time you sit down with a bag of doritos (or any other residue leaving chip like snack) chances are you will remember that commercial, an the fact that it was for doritos. SUCCESS! The best part? The budget was something like $82!!  This just proves that success doesn't = pouring lots of money into a project! creativityFTW!

Which commercials were your favorite? If you didn't get to see them (were you under a rock?!) you can catch them all here.

The other thing I was happy to see about the commercials this year? Not everyone thought "sex sells" there wasn't T&A all over the screen... except lots of moobs(man boobs) spandex'd manass on the field! But more on that later.

February 4, 2011

this is what love looks like...

image from los @ ragamuffinsoul
We can learn so much from this group of Egyptian Christians forming a human barrier around muslims praying during the protests in Egypt. We're not called to hate on other religions we're called to love people.

February 3, 2011

thankfulTHURSDAY #1

one of these days I'll do this. I contrary to popular opinion (and by popular opinion I mean mine) I do have thing to be thankful for. For all I know I might come back and edit this later. Who knows.

February 1, 2011

late night lulz

"1bourbon, 1scotch, 1beer" (via c'mon bro)