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February 7, 2011

mmmmm cheese.

Today was the day that everyone who owns a TV waits for... Super Bowl Sunday. Oh? Whats that? You don't like football, I know. I was accounting for you too with... commercials. This is the one televised sporting event that people dont frantically sprint from the tv, during a commercial break to grab another beer, a slice of pizza or to pee because as interested (or disinterested) in the game everyone look forward to the commercials during the game! Advertisers know this, as does the NFL and in this case FOX broadcasting.

For a 30 second spot, advertisers were paying a whopping $2.9million!! And thats just for the air time, not the budget of the commercial itself (which for a super bowl commercial is usually thousands, hundreds of thousands.) Why though? Is a commercial only good (and memorable) if you can throw tons and tons of money at a production crew? um... negative.

Take a look at this commercial and tell me you don't think this is one you will be telling people about?!

see, now didnt that gross you out strike you as memorable? I know it did me, for the sheer fact of how awkward and, frankly, gross it was. But hey, most importantly, next time you sit down with a bag of doritos (or any other residue leaving chip like snack) chances are you will remember that commercial, an the fact that it was for doritos. SUCCESS! The best part? The budget was something like $82!!  This just proves that success doesn't = pouring lots of money into a project! creativityFTW!

Which commercials were your favorite? If you didn't get to see them (were you under a rock?!) you can catch them all here.

The other thing I was happy to see about the commercials this year? Not everyone thought "sex sells" there wasn't T&A all over the screen... except lots of moobs(man boobs) spandex'd manass on the field! But more on that later.

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